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  • Educational sites are required to notify Public Health of all cases of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 among employees, students, and children that were on site at any point within 14 days prior to becoming ill. Notification should occur in 1 business day for 1-2 cases and immediately for 3 or more cases.
  • The illness onset date is the first date of COVID-19 symptoms. If the case had no symptoms, the illness onset date is the COVID-19 test date.
  • Persons with COVID-19 who were not on site during this time frame are not required to be reported by the site, unless reporting a death of an individual who had COVID-19 illness and was affiliated with the site.
  • If you are reporting 2 or more cases within 14 days of each other, please submit one line list for these cases and their contacts on site.
  • If you are notifying DPH of an UPDATE to a prior report, please update the original report with the new information - you can access the original report by using the unique return link provided to you when you submitted your report.
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